Presentation of the training course

Curriculum set up by the pedagogical team

For several years now, the pedagogical team has been reflecting on the modalities and efficiency of a 4-year vocational training course in IFMK allowing on the one hand, to make available to the citizen a health professional who has acquired most of the skills referred to in the decree skills of physiotherapist and on the other hand, to meet the growing needs of the population.

The training course is now divided into 5 years of training: 1 year of selection training (decree of 16 June 2015) within the University of Auvergne (PASS-R course in medicine and STAPS option physiotherapy) and 4 years of professional training (decree of 2 September 2015) within the IFMK in Vichy.

The efficiency of training within the IFMK finds its source in the orchestration of the links between the exploitation of clinical situations encountered during internships, theoretical knowledge, practices provided within the Institute and pedagogical methods promoting the appropriation of knowledge, the empowerment of the student in order to build his decision-making skills, his skills and his autonomy.

In recent years, we have endeavoured to define new methods of written and oral productions allowing not only to implement a new group dynamic that has become necessary for young students from a very selective competition but also to apprehend a new working methodology in order to boost their identity construction: documentary research, reading,  analysis, synthesis, written production,…

The IFMK Management and its pedagogical team wish, through its pedagogical project, to restore value and meaning to practical learning. It is within the dynamic articulation "theoretical knowledge / practical knowledge / experiential knowledge" that the student nourishes his process of appropriation and builds his professional culture.

Practical learning remains at the heart of this project, and it requires new, additional personnel of trainers. The Management wishes to facilitate the involvement of young trainers in the curriculum through apprenticeship based on specific pedagogical training and progressive support before offering any "training responsibility".

The appointment of managerial staff ensures the student a better mastery of skills and optimizes the links between the theoretical knowledge acquired at the Institute and the practical knowledge acquired in the clinical field of internship.

These evolutions are aimed at ensuring quality. Our ISO 9001/2021 certification, our commitment to the ISO approach and to the QUALIOPI certification take us to an evolutive formalization of our intentions and actions through increasingly refined procedures.


Here is the new training course set up by the decree of 2 September 2015 relating to the State Degree of masseur-kinésithérapeute (physiotherapist) (click on "new training course").


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