Pedagogical support

Our policy to foster success

As part of the support offered to students during their curriculum, the Institute has been developing a policy to foster success for several years. Initially, this measure was carried out within the pedagogical support unit. Since the publication of the text of the new training course (September 2015), each student benefits from individualized support through a referent trainer. This physiotherapist trainer at the Institute can be asked at any time by the student to answer his questions, both about his clinical internships and his career at the Institute and its results. This pedagogical referent also follows the evolution of the acquisition of the student's skills during the clinical internships. It is he who proposes the validation of internships during the University Credit Allocation Commission (CAC).

The student benefits from a referent throughout each of the 2 training cycles. The student keeps the same referent trainer over the entire cycle (2 years). The student can thus benefit from the skills of 2 pedagogical referents during his curiculum.

Pedagogical support

Throughout the curriculum, the weekly pedagogical meetings analyze grades and identify students in difficulty. It may then decide to invite any such student to a meeting in order to identify the causes of their insufficient results. The same applies to students who have ongoing work deemed insufficient during practical work. These people are then invited to a meeting with the pedagogical manager of the appropriate year. At the end of the meetings, avenues of remediation are defined, which can even be the subject of a pedagogical contract. These students are reviewed at the end to evaluate the improvements observed both in terms of their results and their behavior. Apart from this approach initiated by the pedagogical team, any student has the opportunity to initiate this approach and to meet the pedagogical manager to discuss his difficulties.

Tutoring (author: Clément Prat)

Tutoring within the IFMK of Vichy exists since 2016. It is organized by the student office, AKTEEV; each year a position is to be filled within the elected bureau. Free and open to all, it allows undergraduate students to meet their peers of the higher years in order to rework together the techniques of physiotherapy seen during the tutorials.

It takes place every Tuesday in the late afternoon for 2 hours during which about forty second or third year students supervise nearly 80 first-year students in order to practice and question themselves around the practices studied (palpation, passive mobilizations, stretching, ...) while ensuring everyone's knowledge of anatomy and / or cinesiology.

Indeed, it represents a student mutual aid that is built from the first year at the institute, and this until access to the state degree. Learning processes follow a socio-constructivist model where the tutor and tutored work together. The objective is to support students during their learning.

Tutoring is a driving force for the enrichment of knowledge on themes specific to physiotherapy studies through communication, an essential tool for healthcare professions in a context of multidisciplinary relationship, interprofessional relationship, and therapeutic relationship.

Psychological support

Some students may experience stressful events and situations that can make them face studying difficulties. The student can also make an appointment to meet the curriculum manager or the Director. Total discretion is guaranteed to the student both concerning his initial request and on the content of the meetings.

Depending on the difficulties mentioned, more competent external people may be called upon for specific care.

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