4th year of training

First year of the second cycle

The 3rd year of studies in physiotherapy represents the first year of the second cycle of the training curriculum.
It takes place over 2 semesters (S5 and S6) through 3 types of teaching:

Fundamental lessons

The 3rd year courses focus on the acquisition of pathophysiological and semiological knowledge in the musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, respiratory, cardiovascular, internal and integumentary fields (UEs 15 to 18).

Teachings in physiotherapy

Rehabilitation courses are applied in the fields of fundamental education in UEs 19 to 24.

In-depth and professionalization courses

The main themes of this field are centered on the continuation of the clinical approach in physiotherapy (EU 24), the deepening of the English language (EU 26) and the research methodology applied to physiotherapy (EU 27).

As part of the professionalization logic, students continue their acquisition of skills during 2 clinical internships of 6 weeks full time (UE 30).
All the descriptions, number of hours and ECTS can be found in Annex III and IV of the decree of 2 September 2015.

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