IFMK BDE (student office ) Presentation

The AKtEEV is the Association des Kinésithérapeutes Etudiants à l’Ecole de Vichy (Association of Physiotherapists Students at the Vichy School), this association has the role of BDE (Student Office). It aims to facilitate, improve and develop the student life of the institute. The association is divided into two parts - administrators: the students and the board of directors: those who have been elected.

The association organizes different things during the year - such as traditional festive events or student evenings, but also university sport (handball, basketball, football, rugby), sports tournaments, solidarity events (telethon, pink October, Movember, move your EPHAD, month without tobacco ...), sporting events for students to practice massage (Iron Man ...).

In addition, the association is in contact with different actors of our curriculum:

  • The administration of the IFMK VICHY, in order to allow consistency with the teaching project of the institute, specifically concerning tutoring for later years
  • The FNEK (Fédération Nationale des Etudiants en Kinésithérapie, National Federation of Students in Physiotherapy) in order to share on the curriculum, on the rights of students and also a variety of training options for all students.

If you have any questions about schooling, the program, professional opportunities, then feel free to contact us:

ORGANIZATION CHART OF THE ASSOCIATION (Click on the image to open in a new window)

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