5th year of training

Presentation of the last year of training

The 4th year of study in physiotherapy at IFMK represents the last year of training.
It is essentially a deepening of knowledge, the finalization of the acquisition of skills, and the finalization of the student's professional project.

There are essentially courses in the fields of law and legislation (EU14), the finalization of the teachings of therapeutic fields applied to the main pathologies that the physiotherapist is likely to encounter during his exercise.

Most of this year revolves around the writing, presentation and validation of their end-of-study dissertation (UE 28) as well as on the execution of their clinical internship which lasts 12 weeks full-time (UE 30). This logic of professionalization during this clinical internship must allow the student not only to finalize the validation of all the skills acquired (11 skills), but also to clarify his professional project.

All the descriptions, number of hours and ECTS can be found in Annex III and IV of the decree of 2 September 2015.

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